Nature’s Way to Freedom – Detox Cure

Surrounded by breathtaking beautiful scenery Snehagiri Ashram, with its private tropical eco-forest and farm, is a perfect and affordable place to detox your body, mind and soul. Between November and March you will enjoy the warm sun melting away the stress of your daily life, the gentle cool breeze and starry heavens at night and hardly any rain. It is a great spot to escape the cold of European and American winters.

In a time when many are racing after western ways of living, eating and treating disease, Snehaji continues to teach those who are open for the ancient scientific, spiritual and natural ways for keeping healthy and happy. In a small group of 6 to 8 people Snehaji will teach you tools to enhance your inner doctor. 

The all natural treatments, classes, food, yoga and meditations are all a part of an integral healing system especially developed to flush out physical, emotional and mental toxins, uplift your spirit and bring amazing results in 21 days. Our guests come to us with a wide variety of symptoms including chronic back and joint pain, inflammatory conditions, migräns, chronic skin diseases, diabetes, burnout and other stress conditions.

Here you can be yourself. In the spirit of universal love, no matter what your nationality or religion, you are welcome at Snehagiri.

Start the new year healed and healthy with a retreat at Snehagiri – All is well